Fundraising for your Team

At 4Tors, we offer the ultimate in customized international soccer tours for youth, college, professional and adult teams. We also offer a simple, easy way for you to pay for it! All free of charge for you and your players! In addition to the ultimate 4 TORS MEGA RAFFLE DRAW, we have done the homework for you by scouring the country to find the most successful ideas out there to help you achieve your goals. We have listed our top 4 picks complete with links for all the information you may need.

The 4Tors Mega-Raffle Draw 2010!
Raise up to $2,000 per player, Free!

Our most accomplished programs The 4 TORS Mega-Raffle Draw needs only the imagination and motivation of your players to secure your trip. This is so because 4 TORS will not only provide the PRIZE but also the TICKETS for this grand gala event. As they say "The rest is up to you!" All your players have to do is sell 200 Raffle Tickets, at $10 per ticket, raising up to $2,000 per player to secure their excursion. This can be done in a matter of weeks.



  • 2 round-trip tickets to sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica.
  • 3 nights hotel stay at Holiday Inn, Sunspree Resort.

    All inclusive stay (ie. Meals, beverages are all Free) This 4 day trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica includes round-trip flights from any major USA or Canadian gateway, plus airport taxes, for 2 persons; Meet-n-greet at the airport upon arrival; 3 nights hotel accommodation in Montego Ba, Jamaica with all you can eat and drink included.


This is a national raffle, open to 4Tors clients only. All of the proceeds from ticket sales must go towards the 4Tors, Inc international soccer tour that the player is undertaking. Kindly view our rules and regulations, this is simple, free and no risks are involved. You keep 100% of the income and 4 Tors does not take commissions or expenses for the program. To get started, Contact us immediately for more details.

Other Fundraising Links:

In collaboration with ESPN the Magazine, 4 Tors Inc is proud to present this unique fundraiser whereby kid are able to raise funds through the sale of subscriptions to one of the most informative sports magazine available today completely free of charge. Every time a 2-year subscription (new or renewal) to ESPN The Magazine is sold for $40, your team keeps $30 from that order. That is equivalent to 75% of the total sales. Sell 67 subscriptions and make $2000 dollars towards your trip. To get started, Contact us immediately for more details

ESPN the Mag
Again, with this unique fundraiser, there are no out-of pocket expenses for your team as Blue Heron will pick up all production cost related to your discount cards. Your only responsibility is to promote the sale of the cards! The cards are constructed of the same high quality plastic used for credit cards. One side of the card is customized to feature your groups name, logo and /or mascot while the reverse side list 12 to 15 quality discounts from local merchants. Blue Heron works with these merchants to secure valuable discounts (mainly 2 for 1 offers) that are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The value of these discounts is more than the cost of the cards, so your supporters get real value for their money. Each card cost $10 and the program is designed to maximize the amount of return for your group. If 1000 plus cards are sold, the group keeps 75% of the revenues. If fewer than 1000 are sold, you keep 70% of the revenues. Sell 300 cards and earn over $2000 dollars per player towards your trip. To get started, Contact us immediately for more details.

Blue Heron Discount Cards
Each member of your fundraising group receives a customized Scratch & Help booklet with your teams name and logo. The booklet has 50 scratch off circles with hidden donation amounts ranging from $0.50 to $3.00. Your members approach friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch two or more circles for their donation amount . In return, the donor receives a sheet of valuable coupons from First Way sponsors as a "thank you" for their contributions. Each booklet contains 30 circles and produces a total $100 dollars when completed. To get started, Contact us immediately for more details

First Way Scratch and Help