What We Do

4 Tors is an experienced, professional sports tours operator. 4 Tors specializes in youth and adult tours for soccer, netball, cricket, rugby and field hockey. Finding the right company to handle the touring needs of your youth or adult sports club can be difficult. At 4Tors, Inc. we take the stress and hassle out of planning your tour by focusing on the finer details of your package. Your team will

  • Receive financial assistance through 4 Tors sponsored fundraising programs at no cost to you.
  • Never be mismatched with a stronger opponent.
  • Never spend an entire day on a coach.
  • Have supplemental insurance to cover any unexpected accidents which may occur.
  • Stay in the best hotels rated according to US standards.
  • Be provided with options for Travel Insurance.
  • Receive training from top professionals experienced and accredited by certifying boards.

We provide customized tours for youth, club, high school, college and professional teams which include the organization of accommodations, meals, transportation, sightseeing, entertainment, participation in organized fixtures and tournaments and the use of first class facilities for team training. Additional services may include the facilitation of team masseuses, specialized security, orthopedic surgeons and the use of gymnasiums for weight training. Allister Roper, President of 4Tors, Inc. has over 12 years of professional playing and coaching experiences and is well-versed in what it takes to design a dynamic tour for all levels of play ranging from amateur to professionals.

Our History

From its inception, the company was predominately focused on providing unique tours for soccer teams wishing to expand their horizons trough travel and participation in international tournaments throughout the world. After seven years of service organizing trips to exotic locations such as Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the Caribbean and Europe and receiving countless recommendations along the way (visit Testimonials), the company realized that it had turned its back on the sporting culture in it’s own backyard. With this realization, came a new impetus which involved opening the eyes of the world to the wonderful possibilities which Florida has to offer. Not only is the state of Florida known for its year round temperate climate, but because of it’s diverse demographic, sports which are not traditional to the mainstream United States landscape, thrive within the local communities, enabling unique opportunities for competition in sports such as Rugby, Netball, Cricket and Field Hockey.

Soccer will always remain as our roots, however, in our eight year; the expansion of our inbound business will grow leaps and bounds. The aforementioned sports will be new additions to our portfolio and for each new sport added we envision hosting a locally based international competition in the years to come. Already, 4 Tors has been contracted to be the official logistics operator for the 16th annual Florida Netball Classic (www.floridanetballclassic.com ) and the international marketer for the 32nd annual Ruggerfest (www.theruggerfest.com )  both held in Ft Lauderdale, Florida in October and February of each year respectively. We are focused on making 4 Tors the number #1 sports tour operator specializing in Florida, by utilizing its diverse demographics to make it a hub for non traditional US sports for both professional and amateur teams, wishing to explore new avenues.

Our Objectives

Our main objectives will always remain the same; firstly to raise the tactical awareness of athletes in their given sports and secondly, to expose them to different styles of play through travel, all whilst providing them with a once in a life time experience which will mold them as individuals and ambassadors of their sport.

To achieve our goals, we

  • Have instituted a fundraising program “The 4 Tors Mega Raffle” to assist individuals and teams from lower income brackets in raising the necessary funds to help them realize their dreams. Available to North American based teams only.
  • Work with the local media in several countries to get the group press, namely articles in the paper as a memento of their trip.
  • Donate proceeds from each tour to sport related charities to facilitate the growth and development of underprivileged kids.
  • Offer training clinics with top professionals; ranging from soccer camp with Real Madrid or AC Milan coaches, to instructions given by former West Indies Cricket captain Jimmy Adams.


Our excursions enrich players both professionally and culturally. With custom-created tours for teams and individuals of all ages and levels, 4Tors, Inc. can design an exciting experience for your team to not only improve their skill level by playing other outstanding teams from around the world. We also provide the insight of our staff, former professional players and coaches whose goal is to provide you with great service! We offer tours to Florida, the British Isles, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Caribbean, and many South American countries.

Press & Media

At 4Tors, our philosophy is in our name. "In German, tor means goal, as in a soccer goal" Roper said. "I chose the name not only because it's a catchy acronym, but because for a goal to be scored in soccer, things have to happen perfectly and with lots of coordination, much like the design of all our tours. For this reason, I like to think that we are not just one goal, but four goals better than our competition."
-Miami Herald, October 28, 2001